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Aeris ergonomic office chairs keep you active.

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Never Just Sit.

At Aeris, we design and manufacture seating and standing furniture for office, living and industrial environments. The unique technologies of our ergonomic chairs and standing mats strengthen your back, prevent tension and promote a healthy posture.

Aeris Swopper

What makes this office stool so unique? Its movement in every possible direction. Its Aeris 3D technology allows you to move back and forth, left and right, and even up and down. This way of active sitting has the same effect on the body as light walking. The office stool Aeris Swopper is ideal for long and concentrated sitting in the office or when working from home.

Aeris Numo

Aeris Numo is wow! and ergonomic at once. With its special kinematics mechanism the design chair follows your movements back and forth. Whether at home, as a dining chair or even as an office chair. Choose your favorite Aeris Numo chair from different styles and bring extraordinary design to your home.

Aeris Oyo

Aeris Oyo is the rock(ing) star among other rocking chairs. It combines all unique advantages of a cantilever chair, saddle chair and rocking chair. Take a seat - forwards, sideways, or backwards. With its variety of seating possibilities, the Aeris Oyo encourages you to move more.

Aeris Muvman

Working at standing desks is trending up because permanent sitting is bad for our health. However, is standing for long periods of time the answer? No! It takes innovative standing desk chairs like the Aeris Muvman. Thanks to the Aeris Muvman, standing for long periods of time and tired legs are a thing of the past.

Aeris Muvmat

Standing on our Aeris Muvmat makes you think you're walking through the woods. The unique 3D topographical structure inside the standing mat activates the foot reflex zones, relaxes the muscles and keeps your body in motion. Aeris Muvmat is easy on the joints. Whether you're barefoot, wearing shoe or socks, standing on this mat is the right choice!

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