Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy was last updated on April 12, 2023.

This Cookie Policy (the “Policy”) addresses the cookie usage practices of Via Inc. (the “Company”, "we", "us" or “our”) for the website (the “Site”) and any related mobile applications (the “App”).  The Site and the App, along with the related content, applications, technology and services that are offered through them, are referred to collectively as the "Platform”. 

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file identifying your browser, which is stored on your hard drive by the website you visit. This file’s information is generated by the server-side application running the web site. The server also has access to the cookie it gave you for a specific website. It does not contain personal information, but does contain information such as login preferences (i.e. “Remember Me” or “Stay Logged In”), multiple tab browsing & sessions management (i.e. keeping you logged in during a single browser session).

Can I Change my Cookie Settings?

Yes. Most web browsers allow some control over cookies through the active browser’s settings.

Find out how to manage cookies in the browsers supported by the Platform:

You can also opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, by visiting the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Please note, the Platform does not currently recognize or respond to browser-initiated Do Not Track signals.

How Long are Cookies Saved?

This can vary by device and user settings. The deletion of cookies is calculated based on the last time you accessed the Platform. Once cookies expire, they are permanently deleted. Cookies placed in your cache may also be dumped during a user-generated “clear browsing data” or related including the deletion of cookies.

Do We Use Cookies and Tracking Technologies?

We and our service providers use internet server logs, cookies, tags, SDKs, tracking pixels, and other similar tracking technologies (collectively referred to as ‘cookies’). We use these technologies in order to offer you a more custom browsing experience based on your specific browsing preferences.

The list below explains the cookies we use:

  • A web server log.
  • A software development kit (SDK) embedded in our applications and software to allow third parties to collect information about how users interact with our services. This includes debugging protocols to clean up any site errors.
  • A cookie. See definition in the “What is a Cookie?” section above.
  • Tracking pixels for collecting information such as ad impressions, click through rates, email open rates, accessing user cookies and developing analytics measuring the popularity of products and services.

As we adopt new cookie-based technologies, we may also gather information through those future methods in compliance within this Cookie Policy.

How do we Use Cookies & Tracking Technologies?

We use cookies to create a seamless & personalized shopping experience for you. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Recognizing your computer to store your preferences and settings;
  • Remembering and processing the items in your shopping cart and favorites list;
  • Understand the webpages you visit & interact with to craft a custom browsing experience;
  • Performing searches and compiling analytics of aggregated data to improve the Platform experience;
  • Assisting with security & administrative functions.

Third-Party Service Providers

We may use third-party web analytics services (such as those of Google Analytics) to collect and analyze usage information through cookies, assist with fraud prevention and to provide certain features to you. To prevent Google Analytics from using your information for analytics, you may install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

If you receive emails from us, we may use certain analytics tools to capture data such as when you open our message or click on any links or banners within our email. This data allows us to gauge the effectiveness of our communications and marketing campaigns.

Online Advertising

We may integrate third-party advertising technologies on the Platform, on our affiliated accounts & across external websites. Our ads may be based on various factors such as the content of the page you are visiting, your searched content on our site, information you entered into your account (such as your age and gender), your user generated content and other information we have collect from you. These ads may be based on your current activity or your activity over time and across other websites and online services and may be tailored to your interests.

These third parties may also place cookies or other tracking technologies on your computer, mobile phone or other device to collect information about you. We also allow other third parties (such as Google Analytics) to serve tailored ads to you online and to access their own cookies or other tracking technologies on your computer, mobile phone or other device you use to access the Platform and its affiliated accounts.

Changes to This Policy

We may revise and update this Policy from time to time at our sole discretion. All changes are effective immediately when we post them. If changes are material to this Policy, we will make every effort to notify you before these amendments enter into force. Your continued use of the Platform means you accept and agree to any modifications to this Policy.

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This Cookie Policy was last updated on April 12, 2023.